Thursday, October 22, 2009

ThIS is right for me

I heard the new school song for Trondheim International School. Anna was singing it at home all week in preparation for the school party on Friday for the school's 5th anniversary. It's a very good song. Today I found out why -- it was written by a local producer and songwriter who also works in New York producing pop songs for stars like Rhianna.

Here's a nice article about it in a major Norwegian newspaper. There's a video, too. You can hear the song and see the group of kids from ThIS that went to his studio last year to record it.

The article that "det som må være verdens beste skolelåt: «This Is Right For Me»."
or in English "It must be the world's best school song: «This Is Right For Me»."

Very cool. Two of Maggie's good friends from her class are in the studio. We were back in the United States when it made it's big debut last year, so we missed all the excitement. Kjempebra!

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