Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vacation planning

Next week is fall break. The kids and Pam have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. We were quietly lining places for the kids to go for a couple of days so Pam and I could pop off to Paris for a 2-day trip. There were some complications, so I began researching options for a trip for the 5 of us. Tricky to do with only 7 days to go, but I know there's last-minute deals to be found.

First I lined up a trip to Denmark. In the morning I found flights, hotels, packages for Legoland and Tivoli. After lunch when I went to book, plane tickets had shot up from $207 to $535. So I checked out cheap flights to Spain, Canary Islands, Istanbul, Germany, Stockholm. Found very cheap Ryan tickets ($50) from Oslo to Madrid. We could take a train 7 hours down to Oslo on a family car. But we'd have to go Wednesday - Sunday, a very long time to buying hotel rooms and entertainment.

Finally I lined up two holiday options. 3 days in Copenhagen, going to Tivoli and Legoland, or for the same price, we could buy a car and a big TV and have 2 days at the Holiday Club in nearby Åre.

So, it's the trip to Åre. Should be very nice.

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