Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Math Night

Tonight was family math night at ThIS. Pam and I have been planning for weeks, and this week especially we've been consumed with preparations. We showed up 1.5 hours before the event, with dinner for those teachers who would not be going home after school and before the event. There was a lot of set-up to do, with every classroom from kindergarten (barnehage) to 6th grade participating, something like 9 rooms of activities plus the library. In each room there were at least 2 activities to get parents and children doing math together, and in the library we built newspaper geodesic domes.

We had prizes and geometric snacks, all we needed were adventurous families... and we got them. We got nearly all of them, actually. The school was crowded and alive and we had to finally kick people out at the end because they weren't done yet. Throughout, the teachers were just awesome -- yay ThIS teachers!

We were home late, quite pleased and very tired. Now there's the conference to prepare for...

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