Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Pam joined a handball team with women from the international school. She wanted to be scorekeeper, but they made her goalie instead. She's taken the role quite seriously – going to late-night practices two times per week, tie-dying her goalie shirt, and even buying her own handball to practice with. The team joined the league late, so their first game was only two days after their first practice, and most of the players didn't really even know the rules. They lost 36-2.

I went to see their 3rd match... at 10:30 at night. It was really fun! And yes, they got smeared, but they really seemed to enjoy themselves. This time, they lost 24-3, which if we apply some actual math, we can claim it's a 225% improvement over their first game (36/2 = 18:1 rate, 24/3 = 8:1 ratio, 18/8 = 2.25). Or maybe a 56% improvement (8/18 = .44, so the ratio dropped by .56). Statistics are nebulous that way.

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