Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night we watched a show we bought from iTunes on our 48 inch TV plugged into my laptop. Awesome! Norwegians use inches, isn't that funny? They use them to describe TVs and bicycles. There's international influence for you! They call them "tommer", or "thumbs".

Finished Kurt Quo Vadis last night. Another delightful tale by Erlend Loe. This one went quickly. There's only one Kurt book left.

In the lunchroom I begin to understand whole sentences and many of the words people are speaking, but I often cannot quickly enough assemble them into meaning while simulatenously listening to the next sentences, but the first time I feel there is hope that I may be able to pass my lunchroom final exam this spring.

Taught another class this afternoon, fractals and complex numbers with 9th graders.

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