Sunday, November 8, 2009

Neighborhood Art Show

Anne-Gunn invited me to her Nabokunst show... a group of artists all in one neighborhood have an annual show/sale. Pam and I came to show Saturday expecting amateur arts and crafts, but instead we found very high quality art by very talented artists!

Here's a picture of Pam with my friend Anne-Gunn. She does beautiful and creative sewing and knitting, including moebius scarves. She's our resident math artist at the matematikksenteret.

Then we met Cathrine (pronounced katrina). She used to live in Oslo and make confections for the king and queen, but now she the confectionist (or konditor) for a hotel here in Trondheim. We were blown away by her coconut and white chocolate covered passionfruit confections. Knut does beautiful things with weird-shaped pieces of trees, making largely spoons and bowls. Pam describes these as "troll-bowls", a very fitting name!

We also met other artists who made textiles, jewelry, and an artist (Trina) who make beautiful mixed media frame works. Bård was here also, a 3-time world champion fly tyer.  Jack and I visited with him last month – not only is a fantastic fish-bait artist, he's an incredibly nice guy as well (see previous post).

We stayed until it closed, then I came back again the next day to some more Christmas shopping. We bought a lot of things and made a lot of friends here today. Both times, I left feeling warm and happy and good about life. Artists... I love them!

To round out a great Saturday, Daniel and Evelina came over, we put our daughters to sleep upstairs and we did a round of tasting of Christmas beers – six kinds in small glasses. Daniel liked the Dahl's and Ringnes Juleøl, I liked the Hansa Ekstra Vellagret (dark and spicy) and the Aass Juleøl.

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