Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Playground, Fading Light

3:00 in the afternoon, and the sun is setting. The weather is still freakishly warm for Norway in the middle of November, so we decide to take advantage of what little light and warmth we have left in the year and go for a walk. Earlier today, Pam and I were at a visning, or house viewing, in Bakklandet and passed a good looking playground in Singsaker, a short walk down the big hill from our house.

Walking to the playground... wow! The sky was fantastic, lighting up the fjord in shades of purple. The playground turned out to be exceptionally fun, with some very good rides. The sky got more and more fantastic as we played. Maggie and I raced back home, running up the hill. It's a hill I walk up every day coming home from work, and I a bit surprised to notice that a few months ago the hill was torture, but now it's rather easy.

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