Sunday, December 27, 2009

3. Juledag - Flakk

3. Juledag, eager to escape all of the "quality family time", I went into the office for a good part of the day. In the evening we visited Dolores and Reginalds out in Flakk, a 20 minute drive west along the fjord. The cliff walls along the road had transformed into walls of ice – covered with giant icicles. I was dying to stop and take pictures, but with slippery roads and no good place to pull over, it was too hazardous. We enjoyed dinner and good company and the kids played well.

Their yard is next to two viking burial mounds, piles of stones 50 meters diameter and 5 meters high. It was too dark and cold to see, but we'll return in a few days.

 Dolores is from Argentina, and likes to drink Yerba Mate, a relative of tea. It's packed into a bowl, topped off with water, and drunk through a straw. Throughout the morning, water is added to keep the level up. Their cupboards are full of bags of this plant, which they can't find in Norway so they stock up on elsewhere.

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