Monday, December 28, 2009

4. Juledag - Kransekake

4. Juledag we went for a dessert party at the Sollies out in Heimdal, a 20 minute drive south. We had gone with Kirsten and daughter May Helene to Oslo last month for the Nobel prize festivities.

Yummy desserts, including a traditional kransekake made from increasingly larger rings made from pulverized almonds. Delicious! This was only the second kransekake I'd seen, the first was built by my friend Janet in the U.S. You eat the cake from the bottom up, removing pieces of the ring, sweet and chewy. Mmmmm... Kransekake is made for several occasions. Sometimes it is served at weddings, with the number of rings a blessing for the number of children the couple shall have. Oof da – that's a lot of kids!

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