Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6. Juledag - Sentrum

We've been getting up around dawn this vacation. That's around 10 a.m. It's not as dark as it was at the beginning of December. We've had a moderate amount of snow, and it makes everything light and bright.

We took Kent for lunch at the Tyholt Tower, a short walk from our house. They have a revolving restaurant 74 meters above ground level. This is always a good choice for visitors, the view can't be beat and the food is very Americanized. Kent ordered the rekesmørsbrød (prawn sandwich) as the most Norwegian-looking thing he could find on the menu.

Next we headed downtown for a short walking tour, starting with the Nidaros cathedral. This place always gives me the chills – 'awesome' in the biblical sense of the word. With Anna and Peter in tow, we did a quick round of the pedestrian shopping streets, headed across the bridge into Bakklandet, and warmed up with hot chocolate at Choko Boko.

Home for dinner, games, and a movie, and then we decided to go back to Bakklandet to the pub. We live at the top of a big hill, and Bakklandet is down at the bottom. All Trondheim is covered with snow, which gave Pam an idea for the best way to get there... sledding! Laughing all the way down, we slid ourselves to the bar! And after a few beers, we didn't even mind walking a mile uphill back home. It helped that halfway back there's a playground with exciting rides.

A very fun day.

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