Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Concert

It was ThIS' Christmas concert today. We arrived early to set up the silent auction. Each class had a table of crafts. I gave my kids money and sent them off. The place filled up – Pam and I were busy, but it was busy fun.  After an hour of craft fair, food, and talking, the show began. The gym was packed full. The room decorated beautifully. The preschoolers took the stage. 3 and 4 year olds sang Louie Armstrong's  "What a Wonderful World". We all cried. The show had begun.

Peter did a dance number with Clara in his class' swinging routine. Anna's class dressed in their jammies and sang "When you wish upon a star".  Maggie's class did a song they wrote to the tune of Thriller ('cause this is Christmas... Christmas night!). The older kids did their acts after intermission. Some of the class' wrote and played their own music, drums, bass, guitar, flute, saxophone – the kids were amazing. By the time the 10th graders rocked out "All I Want for Christmas is You", we were all feeling the love. Wow, we had a great time! I even got to MC a little.

At the end, Santa came in his tradional reindeer fur coat with Nordic tool belt. He gave all the kids each a paper bag containing traditional treats: an orange and some chocolates.

Afterwards we bought a tree which the 9th graders had cut that morning. We come home tired, happy, and full of music. The tree will stay on top of our car until tomorrow.

Above: Maggie was Rudolf in her class' rendition of "Thriller", rewritten with Christmas lyrics. Peter after his dance with Clara. Ole did his first Santa gig – poor guy got nearly crushed by the mob! Loading the tree on the car... and Peter with his twig that the kids named "Cornelius". More on Cornelius later!

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