Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Week at Work

Brilliant week so far. Met with a glass artist on Monday. I'd been working up some glassy math art ideas for him, and he liked them all. He's going to turn 4 of the ideas into models. In the afternoon, I experimented with box designs with a colleague.

Tuesday I met with a colleague. We just got approval to participate in a math playground project – something I've thought about for many years and have lots of ideas. There's a school near Stavanger on the southwest coast that has funds and has already hired an architecture firm for initial design work. In the coming months I'll get to travel to the area and help design the playground. Cool.

Then on Wednesday I got an invitation to speak at an upcoming conference.

Been working on art designs and a math and music project collaboration with some music professors at the University of Oslo. I'm feeling very productive!

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