Thursday, December 24, 2009


Here's our little grønn nissen (green elf) Anna heading out for sledding. She's wearing Peter's elf hat that he sewed for the winter concert a few weeks ago. The kids have been hooked on sledding since our first big snowfall. We live at the top of a hill with a nice open park area a stone's throw away, so twice a day they run out laughing and we keep our fingers crossed that they don't come back crying.

Today is Julaften – Christmas Eve. We headed out to a "hytte" near Dragvoll for dinner with two other families: Scott and Teresa and Anna-Lola, and Kim and Mark and Aiden and Kasey. First the men took the kids out sledding on an exciting hill. I was shocked to see Anna racing down the long steep slope. After a dozen or so wipeouts, we headed back to the hytte (actually the house of another family at ThIS who are gone on vacation) to ready ourselves for dinner. And what a dinner! A full complement of tasty Christmas dishes and desserts. Afterwards, a few games and then home for the first round of present opening.

On the road home, we passed only two or three cars on the main roads. Norway has come to a standstill.

Our families had mailed packages of gifts to us which arrived just in time on the 23rd, so we had a good amount of packages to open, not too few and not too many. The kids all went to bed in Maggie's room to await the coming of the Julenissen.

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