Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jule Season begins

Woke up feeling great today, and with a mission. We have a tree on our car and nowhere to put a tree. I wasn't expecting to get a tree this early, but the opportunity presented itself last night, and so we've a tree. With tunes jamming, we cleaned the house, disassembled and moved furniture, and set up the Christmas tree. The tree is some funky local Norwegian variety with really long skinny branches, very different from the douglas firs or royal scotch or whatever the varieties are that we usually get at home. The kids took one of the branches and named it Cornelius. They set him up in the loft and decorated him. Nice!

To celebrate our success, we took a walk through Bakklandet. Even on a Sunday evening, several coffee shops are open down here. It's very dark and getting cooler and blustery, but the air is very moist making it feel good. It's not as cold as it should be for December. We settle into couchs in Choko Boko, a very Bohemian atmosphere that fits our mood perfectly. Varme sjokolade med krem og sprø... mmm. The chocolate is rich with a thick layer of firm whipped cream and chocolate shavings covering the top.

Christmas season is suddenly here. Too soon it seems, but the darkness is upon us now and it feels natural to cozy up inside.

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