Friday, December 18, 2009

Julekunst (Christmas art) week

It's been a math-art kind of week...

Monday: I met with a colleague and hashed out ideas and sent out plans for some outdoor math playthings we're designing (more on this in January). I also did some artwork for the cover of a math in music-teaching study I did with some colleagues and music professors in Oslo.

Tuesday: I went with Gerd to a kindergarten (barnehage) to do some math art (specifically problem solving, design, and origami activities). I got to do the puppet, Matrune. The puppet was so popular, I worked her for an hour. The kids didn't seem to mind my broken Norwegian. In the afternoon I finished and sent off an article.

Wednesday: Met again with a colleague with the design project, and then headed out across town to Peter Sutton's art studio. We're working on some glass math-art projects, and I came to see the first prototypes of our models. His studio is fantastic, so many beautiful light and shadow creations. After a while, we popped into the local pub/restaurant around the corner, Ramp. Nice little place with great relaxed enviroment and kjempegodt smørbrød (super good sandwiches).

Thursday: I unveiled my Julekort (Christmas card) today at work, a pop up card that says "God Jul" (Merry Christmas) in one direction and "Godt Nyttår" in the other. We had a Julelunsj (Christmas lunch) at work. My friend Janet tells me her favorite part of Jule season is it instantly doubles your vocabulary... just put Jule on the front of any noun! In the evening, we had folks over for Julebord (Christmas dinner party).

Friday: I accompanied Anna's class to the Remida Art Center. This is a big workshop that collects recyclable materials and makes them available for classes to use for art projects. It should have been about a 20 minute walk from school with the 1st graders, but of course it took much longer. The Remida Center is in the hippie-ish alternative lifestyle part of town, close to Peter's studio actually), and the building looks bad from the outside. Inside, it's clean and bright and full of awesomeness. The kids made some nice Juledekorasjoner (Christmas decorations), I talked for a long time with Paul, the director. made another connection in the art world.

Afterwards, I ran back to NTNU for our Julewerksted (Christmas workshop). We made cool cut and weave art projects, drank gløgg and ate pepperkake with blue cheese. Julemusikk (Christmas music) played, and it made me all so very happy. When I went back outside, it was snowing hard and now the ground is all white and fluffy.

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