Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lille Julaften...Renaming the days

Christmas is so important in Norway, that dates are renamed during the season.

It starts with Advent, four Sundays before Christmas. One Advent candle is lighted each Sunday, and weeks are referred to by their Advent week number. It's a little confusing, because the first day of Advent is in November, but Advent calendars that children use have 1 December as the first day.

You know the song "The 12 Days of Christmas." Norwegians actually use and refer to the days of Christmas. The first day of Christmas is Christmas itself, . Juledag. The 26th of December is 2. Juledag, and so on. You'll see store hours and movie showtimes and holiday events labeled like "4.-5. Juledag" and so on.

Christmas Eve is Julaften, and the day before Julaften is lille Julaften, or "little Christmas Eve." Today is lille Julaften. We took a chance with have new friends over tonight – and it was very fun. Looks like we have dinner plans for every day for the next week. Nice!

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