Saturday, December 12, 2009

Risen som ikke hadde noe hjerte på seg

The past few nights I've read the kids stories in Norwegian. There were some initial grumblings, but those quickly disappeared and the kids (and I) have been entranced. First was a comic storybook, Askeladden og risen som ikke hadde noe hjerte på seg.

Askeladden and the mountain troll (jotun) who didn't have any heart inside himself. The book is well-illustrated graphic "novel", with funny and exciting pictures and characters with a lot of character! We had read many Askeladden stories in a book of Folktales (in English) last spring and summer, and we were happy to recognize elements of the stories in this tale.

Norwegian fairytales end with a snappy: Snip Snap Snute, så er eventyret ute! (thus the adventure is over).

Tonight, I read them Den Kjempestore Krokodillen, a Roald Dahl story about a superbig crocodile who wants very much to eat fat, sweet, soft children. No Snip Snap Snute at the end of this book, just a funny and frightening tale of a nasty crocodile.

They've enjoyed these last two stories in Norwegian... and I think they're figuring out that I'll read to them for nearly an hour since I like the practice.

rise (pronounced "REE-suh"), noun. A mountain troll or jotun. From Old Norse risi, cognate with German Reise ("giant").
synonyms: bergtroll, jotun, kjempe.
rise verb. to spank. (present tense riser; past tense riste; past participle rist; present participle risende; imperative ris)

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