Thursday, January 21, 2010

Asking Eva

I'm trying to plan our summer travel. So much to do in a short time! The options are making me a little loopy. The Scandavian Air website has a virtual person you can ask questions to. I tried a few...

"How are you?"
So nice of you to ask, I am well.
"Are you a real person?"
No, I'm not real, even though you might think so.
"How old are you?"
Now you know... ha, ha... you don't ask a lady about her age.
"Would you like to go out for a cup of coffee?"
That would be nice, but of course I have to be here to answer questions around the clock.
"What does SAS mean?"
It stands for Scandanavian Airlines System.
"Would you like to hear a joke?"
I'm really boring, I do not have any funny stories and neither understand nor see the point in others.
"You sound like my ex-girlfriend."

It seems to have a couple clever answers, you can try talking to it here if you like, but you have to ask in Norwegian. If you're want to experiment with an interesting "chat bot", you can try Jabber-wacky instead.

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