Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Car fixed

I knew gasoline was expensive in Norway, but I really had no idea until today when my car was finally fixed. The problem that had plagued our diesel VW and baffled mechanics for the past 10 days... well, here's a clue:

Diesel pumps in the U.S.: black is regular, green is diesel.

Diesel pumps in Norway: black is diesel, green is regular.

Get the idea? Yep, the morning on the way to Sweden, cold and early with cranky kids in the car, I had rushed and put in the wrong type of fuel. Green is always diesel, right? Well, that turned out to be about $1000.00 tank of gas.

The good news: Putting the wrong fuel type in your car almost always destroys the engine. The mechanics were astonished that the engine seems to be in very good shape. Happy Birthday to me!

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