Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Cold Cold

The cold weather didn't come Monday. Or Tuesday morning. But Tuesday afternoon, the mercury began plummeting. We needed to wear shoes in the house to keep our feet warm, and the heated floor in the cosy warm winterhage began to slowly lose the battle with the chill. I moved a heater into our bedroom which helped, but I slept poorly thinking about cars. Daniel and Evelina have been driving us to and from school because of our car difficulties, and my appointment with the repair shop would be first thing in the morning. I knew it would be questionable whether or not the car would start at all, especially considering the cold.

This morning the temperature stood at –20.3°C. I was outside at 0730 to get it warmed up. Nope. It cranked over once or twice and died. Soon the whole family was outside helping to push it up the driveway so we could put jumper cables on it. Eventually we needed Daniel and a 2x4 as a lever, but we managed to move it up the incline so he could get his car in position. Finally, we got it started. It ran poorly, but well enough to get to the shop. I arrived at work a little after 0900, sore from pushing the car and sorely in need of thawing out. There were 3 taxis outside of my office building dropping off people, I presume others had trouble starting cars today as well.

All the talk at work was of the cold. People could not remember a time of such cold in the past 15 years, and it will stay this cold the rest of the week. One of my colleagues slipped on ice last night and broke his ankle. Three others are home sick today.

Good news for today: I followed and participated in the lunchroom conversations, I had many conversations with colleagues in Norwegian, and I talked to the dentist office and the car fix-it shop several times on the phone and in person, all in Norwegian. I feel like a switch has been flipped this week and I'm really starting to function in the language.

The car won't be ready until tomorrow, but the problem is the glow plugs, which is just about the least expensive thing I could hope for. Oh, I also learned to say glødeplugger. I like that word.

Miserably cold day, but are still things to be happy about!

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