Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Trip to Åre... and Ha det Bra to Kent!

Early day Saturday, we went to Åre with Kent and the kids for a day at Holiday Club. It was fun to be out and moving and getting exercise. Swimming, saunas, and shopping. The kids were in paradise. It was kind of a long drive... next time maybe we'll take the train. Also it was very cold and there were some difficulties with starting the car, especially in Åre. I think there's air in the fuel system, which is difficult to deal with in VWs. Ugh.

Games in the evening, then took Kent to the airport early this morning. Ha det bra Kent! 

I was a little worried his visit comes at a time when it's cold, dark, not much to do, and many of our friends are out of town. However we found plenty to do and it was just about a perfect visit. Now we need to convince him to come back in sunnier weather!

Tomorrow calls for extremely cold temperatures... a low of –27°C = –16°F! And as you can see from this forecast, the Fuktighet stands at 93% as well. You can say that again!

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