Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Class

Today I taught a class at HiST, my first university class in Norway. It was a 3 hour math class for teachers, and I taught it entirely in Norwegian.

Yesterday I went into work with plans to script everything I planned to say (a big script) and translate it, but I had a surprise meeting with a colleague that lasted until lunch, and then Pam called to say she was sick and they didn't have a substitute teacher, so I went in to teach her 3rd grade for the afternoon. After walking home with the kids, taking care of Pam, and feeding the family, I went back to the office to work on my script, finishing late.

This morning I was up early practicing, and then went to teach the 0830 class. I had my translated notes ready, but I didn't refer to them... the words came. I learned a lot of new vocabulary in the past 24 hours!

One embarrassing mistake: I made a T-chart for the number of toothpicks at a particular step in a growth pattern, and wrote the headings TRINN and TANNPIKKER (for 'step' and 'toothpicks', so I thought). As I filled in the chart, I could hear giggles bubbling up around the room. "Uh-oh", I said. "Hva gjørde jeg feil? (What did I do wrong?)" No one wanted to tell me at first, but finally someone said "You wrote 'tooth-penises'." Oops! It's TANNPIRKER, with an RK not a KK. Thankfully, they were very gracious.

Overall, it went very well, though my brain was very tired at the end.

And Pam is feeling much better today.

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