Friday, January 1, 2010

Godt Nyttår!

New Years! We took the kids to the festning for the children's firework show. The paths leading up to the festning were lit with candles, drawing us to a central area where at 6:30 a big bonfire was lit. A couple hundred people, families mostly, gathered with torches and sparklers, lighting up the festning grounds with points of light. The show started at 7:00, fireworks launching from within the fortress, exploding right overhead. Great!

Then off to Flakk for a New Years party. Anna had been sick all day, but felt better at the fireworks. Unfortunately, she started feeling bad again and I had to take her back home at 10:00. Kent and the rest of the family stayed, lighting off fireworks and watching fireworks across the fjord while standing on viking burial mounds. That's pretty cool. I'm envious!

But meanwhile, I watched fireworks over the city. Our house has a great view of downtown, and for 45 minutes fireworks exploded in all directions. What a show! Norwegians are firework-crazy.

Ha det bra, 2009. Hallo, 2010!

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