Monday, January 11, 2010


This morning I had my first work meeting at HiST, one of the local universities. I will be co-teaching a course there this semester, so this will be my first experience teaching a university class in a foreign country (and in a foreign language... yikes!)

The day started with navigation of the bus system. The bus website has fine services for getting information about routes and times, but is sadly lacking in giving bus stop locations. OK, so I have to take the bus to Strindheim and then transfer to the Brannstasjon Øst bus stop... but where are either of those bus stops? Google maps and Gulesider don't help either. Finding this information was a nightmare, and so finally I just had to ask the bus driver and have him point me in the right direction. A bit inconvenient and worrisome, but I managed transfers in both directions, different routes, and earned my Level 1 bus rider badge today. I'm so proud!

At the meeting we set curriculum, teaching dates, I got the tour and my keys and parking passes and computer account, and met some very nice people I'll work with this semester. A new adventure!

OK, this is kind of cool. I'll be working a side job at Høgskole i Sør-Trøndelag, abbreviated HiST, while Pam is working at Trondheim International School, abbreviated ThIS. Check out the names -- a one character rotation with matching letter capitalization patterns!


Oh, the weather turned today, currently –8°C (17.6°F) which feels so very warm. Aaaahhhhh!

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