Saturday, January 9, 2010


Friends invited Anna to join them at the movies today, and Anna graciously allowed me to come as well. The film is "Knerten", the story of a boy whose family moves from Oslo to a rural town during the 50s. His father is out all day selling underwear while his mother works in a small shop, so he has to fend for himself during the day. He has trouble making friends, until he finds a piece of wood in the shape a person, and the stick becomes his friend.

The film is based on a series of successful books written by Anne-Cath.Vestlys in the 60s. I found the film to be a charming glimpse into rural life in Norway a half-century ago. It certainly didn't flow like a Hollywood movie, but throughout the film I was slowly drawn into these people's lives and community, and found myself wanting more when it suddenly ended. Well, they're making a second film now, "Knerten gifter seg" (Knerten gets married), so there's more to come.

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