Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Asian restaurant and Olympics

It's winter vacation for Pam and the kids, so we're trying to do a few fun things this week. Last night we took Anna out for sushi at Bryggen, an asian restaurant in Bakklandet upstairs from Den Gode Nabo. The ambience was fanstastic and we liked our waitress, but the food was not very good. They had excellent curry soup, but the miso tasted watery and burnt and the sushi rolls were wholly uninteresting. Maybe their other Asian dishes are good, but for the price, their Japanese food was not worth it.

We watched the Olympics with some friends last night. It's very fine to be an American living in Norway and watching the winter Olympics, as the U.S. and Norway both do very well. It's shocking that Norway is one of the top countries at these games. They have a population of 4.7 million, less than the city of Chicago, and yet are the very best country overall in these games.

A few days ago Norway became the first country to earn 100 gold medals and yesterday it became the first country to earn more than 300 medals overall. Tiny little Norway. Not bad.

Wall Street Journal posted an article today, The Mystery of Norway, which wonders why people are dismissive of Norway's winter sports talents. One need only look at an article from last week's Wall Street Journal to get a taste of that, an article entitled: Not All Countries Rich and Snowbound. This article which seeks to diminish Norway's standing as best country in the Olympics because Norwegians are, among other things, healthy. They factored in such things as nutrition and the number of new cars per capita in order to declare that Italy is really the best country in the winter Olympics. What?

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