Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Odd and Even

The weather snapped again. Bone-chilling temps yesterday and again today, down in the -20°s again. And, surprise surprise, more car trouble. Looks like the battery has given out, we'll need to go buy one tonight.

Just spoke to a friend who knows two brothers whose names are 'Odd' and 'Even'. Those are both common Norwegian names! I've met a couple of Odds (and met a few people who are odd themselves) but haven't met an Even yet. He tells me that some people have those as their first two names, Odd Even Andersen, for example. Awesome.

I wonder what you'd do if you wanted to name your boys Odd and Even but had three boys instead? 3k, 3k+1, and 3k+2 are not legal Norwegian names, I think. That would be even odder.

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