Friday, February 26, 2010


A one day trip today to Oppdal, a popular ski destination about 1:45 south of Trondheim. Along the way we passed several places with amazing frozen waterfalls in greens and blues. With each one, the kids in the backseat gasped in unison, a very satisfying sound. (photo here by farhad at

We enjoyed a simple afternoon of coffee, games, dinner, and conversation. Finally we packed up and headed home.

The first hour of the drive in the dark was very stressful. The highway, E6, is a two-lane two-way road in these parts. With no lights and black roads, my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, and then a line of cars would come speeding in the opposite direction with blinding headlights. The lines were hard to see, the road narrow, and after an hour of this my eyes and my nerves were shot. Thankfully, once we hit Støren the roads were lighted and that made a huge difference.

We were home just in time to see Norway win another gold medal.

Wall of slugs at the Oppdal Cultural Center. Maggie, Frøy (and Peter) at the hytte.

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