Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It was snowing again this morning. I don't want to talk about it. I'll talk about emergency numbers instead.

There are 4 emergency phone numbers in Norway. 110 = fire. 112 = police. 113 = ambulance. It looks hopeless to keep them straight. Here's some tips:

They all begin with 11, and then...
0 for fire. Fire burns until there's NOTHING left.
2 for police. 'police' has two syllables.
3 for ambulance. 'ambulance' has three syllables.

Isn't that easy?

Even easier: just dial 113 and they'll connect you to whoever you want. To help you remember that 113 is the all-around emergency number, just think of 911, reverse the digits and take the square root of each digit. Simple? Maybe not, but don't fear. Remember I said there's *4* emergency numbers in Norway? The 4th number is... (drumroll)

911. Yep, you can now dial 911 in Norway and it will connect you to the 113 number. There is such a strong American influence here that they've decided to add the 911 number to their service. Cool, huh?

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