Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fosen 1

Easter vacation begins. We accept friends' invitation to spend a few days at their hytte on Fosen, a big island across the fjord.

We catch the ferry. It seems they're no longer collecting money for the ferry ride, rather they photograph your license plate and send you a bill. If you register, they'll deduct the fare directly from your bank account, no hassles involved.

The hytte is lovely farmhouse near the water. After lunch, we go for walk. We explore the water edge then hike up over a "mountain". We meet a local on the trail who shows us two viking burial mounds nearby. On the other side of the hill we stop by a horse farm and the kids all get to brush horses.

Then back to the hytte for puzzles, games, music and dinner. Tonight we go to a party.

Below: Pam at the Viking burial mounds and Mike reclining on a viking burial stone.

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