Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frame Hunting

The temps are above freezing, and according to the long-range forecast they should stay above freezing for the next two weeks. The roads are rivers again, can we dare to hope that the snow is washing away for good this time?

Saturday we ventured downtown in the rain to do some more shopping for Maggie's glasses. Traffic was insane, I've never seen it this crowded. It's not even sunny. Maybe it's because the last two weekends were so snowy, this is the first weekend people are daring to venture out? Finally, we ducked into a parking garage and got out of the traffic and onto the sidewalks. Outside of the Torg, a stage was set up, and the area was filled with a big crowd gathering for a concert. Over a thousand people standing under umbrellas enjoying the show.

In the first two shops (Sansyn and Brilleland), it looked like we would have to pay around 3000-4000 kr. for the frames and lenses. That's around $500, which is ridiculous. We'd do better to order them from the U.S. However, at the third shop, Krogh Optiker, we found a discontinued set of frames, and they just happened to be having a deal on lenses. We got frames plus lenses for 695- kr., a price I'm quite happy with. Not part of the decision, but nice nonetheless, Krogh also has free coffee and hot chocolate. Krogh Optiker... thumbs up!

Despite the rain, it was nice to be downtown, poking in shops and getting some treats. Springtime, please hurry!

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