Friday, March 12, 2010


Up at 05:00 to catch a 07:00 flight. Trondheim to Oslo to Kristiansand, then a bus ride to Grimstad, a small city on the southern coast on Norway. I'd joked to my family that I'd be on the beach on the warm and sunny south coast, and I did get a chance to walk along the water edge, but warm and sunny it was not.

I gave a presentation at the University of Agder Grimstad conference for a group of college students entering a program to mentor middle- and high-school students in math and science. The students are sharp and energetic, and it was a pleasure working with them.

After my portion of the meeting, I had a couple of hours to explore Grimstad. The town seems like it will be great come summer time, with twisty pedestrian streets filled with shops and a charming waterfront. The streets are crowded with shoppers and school children, even though it is still winter, and the waterfront is also busy even though the bay is frozen over. I make my way up the hill towards a large church and find cannons, a statue of a woman with 3 flying birds, and a nice view of the town and water.

Circling around the back of the hill I pass a sports stadium, schools, and a path through the woods before winding back down into neighborhoods. I stumble upon the university again, arriving just in time for pizza.

In the evening I arrive back in Trondheim, to find the town covered in deep snow.

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