Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interesting Olympics articles

Here's a couple more articles reflecting on Norway's winter olympics accomplishments...

Why Norway Wins (Warning - Socialism!)
 "Twenty-three medals, nine gold. From a country of 4.5 million people. That’s about one medal for every 200,000 Norwegians. If the United States hogged Winter Olympic glory in Norwegian proportions, it would have won…well, 1500 medals, which doesn’t make much sense, but certainly puts the standings in some perspective."
The Hard and the Soft of Norwegians
An interesting, and exhausting, story in the NYTimes of a very tough Norwegian in WWII trying to escape to Sweden with the help of locals while being pursued by the Nazis. Almost unbelieveable what he goes through.


  1. Hi Mike.
    The story of Jan Baalsrud is indeed a compelling one. I highly recomend the movie Ni Liv (Nine lives), which was made about this escape in 1957. It was even nominated for an Oscar.

  2. As I read the story, I thought that it would make it a good movie. I'll check it out, thanks!