Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March! Warmth is here, along with World Math Day and a sleepover.

March is here, and the sun has been shining! It feels warm on my cheeks, the angle of light in the morning is noticeably higher, and there is hope that spring is on its way. Finally! I am feeling entirely beat up by this winter. Everyone tells me it's been the worst winter they can remember. Only Geir-Erik, the maintenance man at work, has been able to tell me of a worse winter they had back in the 50s.

Today is World Math Day. I did a short math show for the international school to kick off an afternoon of math booths in the gym. It was big fun... I sure like doing shows.

Tonight Pam invited all of the girls in her class for a sleepover. It's been amusing. And scary.

My mechanic picked up our Mercedes tonight. It's been sitting dormant in our driveway all winter. I'd hoped we could fix it when the warm weather came, but I'm not so sure. He's gonna look it over and give us an opinion, but his gut feeling is that it's just too tired. Sad.

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