Sunday, March 14, 2010


Finished reading Roald Dahl's Matilda today. Anna has been a faithful follower, and it has been her bedtime story most evenings, with Peter often slipping in to listen along. Anna become so intrigued with the story, that when Pam volunteered to read to read to her one evening last week, Anna told her "No... only if it's in Norwegian."

The language is more complex in this book that other Dahl books I've read in Norwegian, but we were soon in the groove. It was a very good exercise for me to read this out loud; it of course helps quite a bit with speaking Norwegian to, well, speak Norwegian.

Upon our successful completion of the story on Sunday morning (Anna couldn't wait until bedtime to hear the final 2 chapters), we watched the film. I didn't care for the casting choice for Matilda herself, or the drawn-out ending, but Denny DeVito was wonderful as the bad dad, Mr. Wormwood.

Now I must find a new story to begin. Hmmmm...

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