Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World of water and ice

Finally there's an extended break in the cold. There's been warm (above freezing) temperatures many days in a row, and it has been raining and raining. As I walk to and from work I watch with great satisfaction the fast-flowing streams bubbling their way down the roads, cutting miniature fjords through the ice. The thick icing of winter, long past its welcome, is rapidly transforming into streams that pour steadily down the drains. I can now dare to hope that winter is on its way out. Yes?

Tuesday I went to Meldal to work with some teachers. Meldal is about an hour drive south of Trondheim, and again we pass frozen waterfalls like we saw on our trip to Oppdal last week. Under the rainfall, the waterfalls have lost their definition and now look blurry, like time-lapse pictures.

Meldal is a small mining town. The old copper and sulphur mine sits high on the hillside, surrounded by trees, its angular form looking like something from the world of Halo. I understand that in the summers you can ride an old steam locomotive from Orkanger to Meldal, take a tour of the mine and smelting facilities, and then ride the train back again. We may need to try that this spring.

It was a full and busy day in Meldal. This week will continue to be very busy.

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