Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fosen 2

We went to a local party. In these small communities, they have frequent dances and other social events, usually with live music. About 30 people were at the hall. We paid a $10 cover and brought our own beer. Pam and I immediately began circulating, meeting new people. It was so easy to meet folks – we came with locals so we were trusted, but we are foreigners so we were immediately interesting. There was a raffle, food, and a lot of dancing. We stayed out until 3 a.m., and were some of the first people to leave. By the time we left to walk home, we felt like part of the community.

Pam spoke a lot of Norwegian tonight – the first time I'd seen her speak so much.

Karsk: At the party we had some karsk, a traditional Norwegian drink that's worth mentioning. Karsk should properly be made as follows:  place a 1 crown coin in a cup. Add coffee until you cannot see the coin anymore, and then add vodka (or more properly moonshine) until you can see the coin again. Enjoy!

In the morning, Geir took the kids out for tractor rides. They each got a turn to drive. We took a couple of short walks in the rain, but mostly stayed in and were very lazy. It was a truly relaxing day with puzzles, guitar, food, and no responsibilities. A very good day.

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