Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reading Swedish og Hekseskudd

A busy week this week. I taught another university class at HiST. The first 2.5 hours went well, but during the last 15 minutes my tongue became all tangled, unable to knit together Norwegian words. It was a strange feeling, resulting no doubt from my brain getting tired. It consumes large amounts of mental energy to speak for so long.

The book we're using for my portion of this class is Algebra för alle, which is written in Swedish. So yes, I'm reading a Swedish book now. My copy of the book has been previously used, and the first two chapters have notes written in giving the Norwegian translations to some of the Swedish words. It helps. A little. OK, not so much. It's okay, though, time to ta tyren ved hornene (take the bull by its horns) as one of my colleagues says. In truth, Svensk is fairly close to Norsk, so I get the gist of the text if not the subtleties.

I threw my back out today, something I haven't done for a year or two. Every small movement is extremely painful. Grrrr. It happened while I was eating cake, yes a very strenuous activity. I can't find my weight belt, so right now I have a shirt tied tightly around my waist and that's helping. The next few days should be not much fun, thank goodness my calendar is empty tomorrow and I can take it easy.

The "good part" is I learned a new phrase: Hekseskudd, which means "witch shot" (or "witch fire"). It's the official Norwegian name for these deep back muscle pains which come on without warning. The idea, as you guess, is that a witch has just shot you in the back. Very appropriate.

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