Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sirka Sirkus

We attended a performance downtown of the local children's circus, Sirka Sirkus. Some of Maggie's classmates are in the circus. Earlier I had spoken to the director and planned to enroll my kids, but when it came time to join my kids weren't interested. After this show, they have changed their minds! The free show had about 20 acts with juggling, diablo, handbalancing, jumproping, silk swinging, tumbling, and clowning. Set with a theme of a world traveler meeting acts from around the world, the show had unity and was well put toghether. The kids in the show displayed a wide range of talents, from excited 6 year olds jumping rope to some young teens who were exceptionally talented jugglers.

Afterwards, Maggie, Peter and Anna were all talking about the acts they want to do when they join the circus! And joining the circus is something I think they will do.

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