Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your ashes come home to me

Iceland has been spewing out dangerous ash clouds for the past week, shutting down airspace over Europe for the past week. It's been the most extensive airspace closure since the World Wars, and it has affected a lot of people we know. May Lise was stuck in Portugal and had to hitch a ride back, Peter was stuck in England for a few days, Uncle Rick stranded in the USA for a week, and other people we know were stuck in Bergen and Germany and Spain. Very exciting, unless you're stranded somewhere.

Today I was set to fly to Sandane on the west coast. Skies had cleared, things looked good, the news reported that 100% of air routes were operating and my flight checked out as okay online. But by the time I arrived at the airport, Førde airport had closed. I switched to Sogndal airport, adding 1 hour to my trip. No problem. But then I went to check my bags and they tried to switch my bags, oops! Sogndal had just closed. Unwilling to take a 9-hour bus ride with my questionable back, I went home instead.

Arriving home, the news articles had changed: Air routes over Norway are entirely open, except for small parts of Norway. Heh. I may have been one of the very last passengers affected by the ash.

"Waiter, they're volcanic ash in my soup."
"Of course there is, sir. This is a no-fly zone."

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