Monday, May 24, 2010

96% word recognition gets you 20% of the meaning (check translation)

I'm reaching the point where I understand most of the words I hear or read, but still little of the meaning. I'm a bit surprised actually. Here's an example -- on the back of a pamphlet at an insurance company was the following quote:

<< En kløvet, solfylt tomat
med salt, persille og hakket løk
midt på vinteren-
Ah! Uhm!
Så må det allikevel bære
Den riktige kolde jeg havnet på! >>
Benny Andersen

There are 26 words in this quote and I understand 24 of them. That's better than 96%. And yet, I don't get the main point of the quote.

<< A sliced, sun-ripened tomato
with salt, parsely and chopped onion
in the middle of winter
Ah! Yum!
It must surely be the right ??? I ??? on/to. >>

The missing words are 'planet' and 'landed on', and they make all the difference.

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