Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Around the neighborhood

We have a traditional lunch, bread and crackers with a variety of topping, like shrimp, smoked trout, yellow cheese, and the unique Norwegian specialty: brunost, or brown cheese. They loved the shrimp, they weren't too sure about the brunost. I can't blame them, it takes a little while to learn to love brunost.

Yesterday we took a little driving tour of the city. It was sunny but cold and windy today. We stopped by the cathedral to get tour information, drove through downtown and piers and out by Lade. In the evening we explored the neighborhood. Here's a spacey school near our house. They have a sundial, a glowing alien, a solar system model you can balance on, and mysterious tower watching over in the distance. Kids at this school must be seriously freaked out.

Today they accompanied me to see me teach a class at HiST and then they took us all to dinner.

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