Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hytte tour: Selbu

I've been assessing bachelor's theses all week long. They're 20-40 page research project papers written by mathematics education students, and they're in Norwegian. I'm a bit shocked to find I can read them, and I've been enjoying the task very much.

We took a break today to look at a couple of cabins. The first was about 45 minutes away. The cabin is located in a secluded spot along a long one-lane dirt road. There is barely a trail through the woods down to the cottage. Thank goodness for GPS! The cottage has no water or electricity, but wow! What an amazing area. Curvy cove full of islands, trees, huge areas of quartz on the beach, outcropping of shale that flake off in your fingers. A stream bubbling along the property's edge. We could be very happy in a place like this. In winter though the road would be treacherous and the last 3 km would be impassable, requiring a long walk through the snow to reach the place, so we reluctantly cross it off our list.

We visited another hytte further down the road, in Selbu. Though it was near the water, there was no view, and the walk to the lake was a winding hike through the forest to reach a narrow stony beach. Though we are crossing this off the list as well, we were glad we came here. It was a lovely quiet walk through the mossy forest, and I saw some brain-like mushrooms, an old building with a small forest of trees growing out of the roof, and a giant troll in the parking lot of a Spar shop.

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