Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday Mom and Bill took a taxi downtown while I was at work. They were pleased with the taxi service, very prompt clean and modern. They toured the cathedral and explored a bit of downtown. The cathedral offers three tours a day, one in Norwegian and two in English. I'm envious, I've never had the tour!

Today is a holiday, Ascension Day. Pam and Maggie left for Rome today. The remaining grown-ups walked down the street to the Kvilhaugen Grill. Kvilhaugen (resting hill) is an old farm on the crest of Blussovol hill, overlooking all of Trondheim and the fjord below. It is only 3 blocks from our house, but this was our first visit. It is an expensive restaurant but very nice, with superb atmosphere. We tried all of the appetizers, including the cured moose strips. Delicious! I also had to try the entrecote of urfe, an indiginous breed of cow that is very hardy and lives outside during the winter. It's good to have a nice steak now and then, and even better when the meal is local.

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