Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peter's Birthday

Peter spent most of his birthday at rehearsal for the play. Afterwards, I picked him up and took he and Maggie to see Iron Man 2. It's funny, but last time we were in Norway, I took him to see the first Iron Man movie for his birthday. Does two times make it a tradition? They better be on time with the next Iron Man film (which I believe is going to feature superhero Thor, named for the Norse god).

The tradition in our family is that the birthday person gets to pick a restaurant for dinner. Peter picked McDonalds. It was the first time we'd had McDonalds in a year. It was okay, but awfully heavy. I found it hard to believe I used to eat it so often!

All in all, a great 10th birthday for Peter. I think he was very happy, despite his dour look in the last picture here.

Below: Peter at dress rehearsal, leaving the movie theater (cool spirally bench), and birthday middag på McDonalds.

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