Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stop-motion animation studio

Okay, this is fun. I helped Peter set up an animation studio, and he and Maggie have been going bananas with it. Camera on tripod, tripod legs taped to table. Set camera to lowest resolution setting (320 x 240) and fire off 200 frames. Import into iMovie, set a frame rate of 3 frames per second, and then record audio tracks. Not too difficult. Peter has made 4 movies already, Maggie has made her first. I'll post one when they're happy with the results.


  1. Hi Mike! Just googled stop motion and sculpting supplies and your site came up. I just moved to Norway in October and am having a hard time finding supplies for my animations. I'm primarily looking for aluminum wire for armatures. Would you know where I can find that stuff here? I live in drammen.

  2. Hi Miguel! We have a craft shop in Trondheim called Panduro which has all kinds of supplies including wire of differing thickness and 'bendiness'.

    It's hard to know where to go to find things when you're new in a country.