Friday, May 14, 2010


Today is our day to show off a few interesting sights in the area, so we head east to Nord-Trøndelag.

I like this day trip – we've done several variations on it. It's fun and flexible. We drive out to the Hegra festning (taking country roads for the last 10 km) and then we have some options: see ancient stone carvings and/or play in ancient fortress on an island and/or a drive up to the top of a mountain to get view without having to actually hike somewhere, and with a 2-hour extension we could drive around the fjord to an ancient monastary on Tautra or go a little farther to take the "Golden Detour" around Inderøy.

We opted for the festning and the island. The fortress was beautiful. Up here at this elevation, the snow had recently melted and so it was cool and damp. The mixed colors of green and brown in the splotchy glowing sun made it feel a little surreal, like it was autumn again.

Steinvikholmen is a great little medieval fortress on a tiny island you can walk to across a bridge. We had a cookout there, outside this ancient fortress, and it was great fun even though we got rained on. We never got to play Kubb, a Scandanavia wood block throwing game. You can just never count on the weather!

On the way back, we stopped at this roadside self-serve egg basket. I bought a dozen. Mmmmm...

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