Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rotvoll adventure

Rotvoll is the name of the farm that used to be on the edge of the fjord, now home to a neighborhood, trails, a school or two, Statoil HQ, and the HiST campus where I work this past semester. I saw a little bit of the trails behind HiST last week, and decided we needed to bring the kids down to explore.

Following the trail from the parking area, we quickly come upon a teepee and various playthings in the forest. The area belongs to a nearby barnehage (kindergarten). The kids wanted to stay here and play camp all day, but there was more to discover! The kindergarten building and grounds look lovely – it has a very organic feeling.

Through a gate we follow another trail down to the fjord. The sun joins us (finally!) and we stop to skip stones and hunt for shells and crabs in the tide pool. We then follow a well developed trail along the waterfront, past boathouses, horses, and finally to this interesting sculpture behind the Statoil headquarters building.

It was a perfect-sized slice of adventure. In the evening, the sun is out and it feels warm for the first time in weeks. It's been a very hard year for weather, but we are glad Misty gets a little bit of Norwegian summer before she gets on the train. We are off to the station now... ha det bra Misty!

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