Friday, June 4, 2010


Met some colleagues at Kieglekroa, a bar downtown. I loved the atmosphere there. The building is very old and so full of interesting levels and cobbled together parts.

We played sjoelbakk in the cellar, a shuffleboard game originating in the Netherlands. The goal is to slide 30 wooden disks down a track and try to get them into four different columns at the end of the board. It's instantly easy to be good at, and the scoring system helps make it very exciting. It's kind of bowling for lazy people. One thing I quite like about the game is it can sit along the table and you and your friends can sit around it and talk and drink beer while someone is having a turn, making it a very social game.

I managed to edge out Øistein on the final game and take home a win. It was strange walking home from downtown. Even though is was nearly midnight, the sky was bright and the sidewalks crowded, making it feel just like day. And I find I can now walk 30 minutes uphill without it hurting!


  1. Great - I still think the winner needs mentioning... In particular the one who won the last round!

  2. Oh yes, of course! Øistein played an amazing game on the final round, nearly 400 points or something ridiculous like that. Well done!