Monday, June 14, 2010


On Saturday, Pam's friend and fellow teacher Misty from the USA came to visit for the week, and on Sunday my American colleague Norm and his wife Ann came to visit for a few days. Here's a few images from our adventures...
Sunday evening we attended the spring performance of the Nidaros boy's choir at the Nidarosdomen cathedral. It's always a treat to attend music performances here, the 800+ year old building is stunning and the acoustics are fantastic.

We did a driving tour of Trondheim, stopping in the pier district to look at the fjord. The sky was brilliant and I caught this picture of Munkholmen out in the fjord. I still like saying the word 'fjord'.

No visit is complete with a trip to the Hegra festning...

... and a visit to the see the Bronze age viking carvings at Leirfall...

... and a picnic at Steinvikholmen. This place is a medieval DaVinci inspired fortress on a small island. It's accessible by a footbridge. Today, a kindergarten was also picnicking, and those kids were excited to show us an old fish head they had found and were now parading it all about on the end of a stick. We grilled fish and played a game of Kubb (also called Kongespill), a Scandanavian wood block throwing game.

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